1976 Civic 1200 3 Door (British)

1976 Civic 1200 3 Door (British)

So as you can see I like my old cars!, I saw the Civic for sale on eBay locally, after a message to the seller and I found myself round his lovely house on Monday evening looking at the car.

The car belonged to his uncle from new before being passed his wife (the chaps auntie) around 1980 time when the private number plate got fitted, She had a house in London and also lived in Spain so the car became a runabout for when she came back to the UK, a couple of years ago she decided to give up driving at the age of 83 so gave the car and it’s plate to her nephew (the seller) to give to his daughter as a first car, after bring the car home to Essex the daughter took one look at it and decided she wasn’t going to drive it and it’s sat in his garage since, unused.

new uk1The cars spent all it’s life garaged and has only 76000 miles and an amazing amount of service history and receipts from new, there’s no sign of it having been welded or needing any except a small bit under the passenger foot-well which I plan to under seal, the only damage is the O/S/F wing which has had a poor repair in the past and needs a repaint plus it has a few scabs on both wings.

The white paintwork needs a very good polish and detail but I’m sure it will come back and the light surface rust should just polish off too (I hope).

It looks like it’s missing it Honda badge, I didn’t notice that at the time, so that will need replacing as well as a missing drivers headrest.

The highlight of the car is the very clean vinyl roof and excellent full length sunroof and visor.

The interior is very tidy, again it just needs a good clean, everything works still, even the radio.

Sadly the car was running like a right dog, my guess is that the fuel has gone off and the gummed the carburetor up, I think a good clean down of the carburetor and tank should help, the throttle was a bit sticky too.

I won’t be collecting the car for a few weeks as I’m waiting for the number plate transfer to complete which is annoying as I’m itching to make a start on sorting it out! I’ve been told by a user on here that it may be one of the earliest ones left in the UK as It’s fitted with parts that the early ones had and a 1976 model shouldn’t have like a single indicator stalk, I’d be interested to find out more about this.

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