1978 Engine Bay Restoration

When I saw this MK1 Honda Civic post, I know this is something that would make our cars shine under the hood. From a complete engine compartment respray to having the engine cradle cleaned and resprayed a typical black, to having the motor and transmission detailed in a shiny new silver paint job. Other details include having the breather and bits done in a classic touch up.

This is a job I want to tackle when I get to this stage, I’m jealous your engine looks so clean I could eat off it. This guy has done such an aw-sum job detailing all the bits that make this car look so perfect. However I could not help but notice the new camber plates.


My head gasket went on my car a couple of weeks ago so ?I figured this was a good time to do a bit of work while I have the engine out.
I thought I would start a topic on my progress to document it and get some feedback from everyone.

This is just before I started to restore the engine bay.


Engine out

Cleaned a bit

Stripped and cleaned up ready for body shop.

Jump way ahead to the end result, Jon has put a lot of work into cleaning everything up, Looks outstanding to say the least. From pulleys to cross members and wheel wells are cleaned and painted to perfection.

I like how he detailed the oil filler cap in yellow for high visibility that gets your attention , that’s something I did to my prelude including the dip sticks.

Follow up on the fine details of this engine bay restoration on the forum.

Follow this link to see more details of this amazingly good job


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