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What is a 1300 Hatchback Civic

Dimensions Overall Length 3,770mm 148.4 in.
Overall Width 1,580mm 62.2 in.
Overall Height 1,350mm 53.2 in.
Wheelbase 2,250mm 88.6 in.
Track F/R 1,360/1,380mm 53.5/54.3 in.
Ground Clearance 165mm 6.4 in.


765/755mm 30.1/29.7 in. Includes Bumper

Engine (wet)

4-Speed 150kg 331 lb. Incl. Transmission
5-Speed 150kg 331 lb.
Curb Weight 4-Speed 804kg 1,773 lb.
5-Speed 818kg 1,803 lb.
Gross Weight 1,181kg 2,605 lb.
Carrying Weight 45kg 100lb
Capacities Engine Without Filter 3L 3.2 US qt.
With Filter 3.5L 3.7 US qt.
Transmission Drain/Fill 2.5L 2.6 US qt.
Initial Fill 4-SP 2.6L 2.8 US qt.
Initial Fill 5-SP 2.65L 2.81 US qt.
Fuel Tank 41L 10.8 US gal.
Cooling System Drain/Fill 4.6/3.4L 1.2/0.9 US gal. Reservoir Not Inc.
Windshield 2.0L 2.1 US gal.
Engine Engine Type EJ1
Bore & Stroke 72.0×82.0mm 2.83×3.23 in.
Displacement 1,335cm3 81 cu. in.
Compression Ratio 9.3:1 max 9.5:1
min 9.1:1
Fuel Unleaded
Transmission Clutch 3-SP Torque Converter
4-SP/5-SP Single Plate Dry, diaphragm spring
Transmission 3-SP 3fwd 1rev w/torque converter
4-SP Synchronized 4fwd 1rev
5-SP Synchronized 5fwd 1rev
Primary Reduction Direct 1 : 1
Gear Ratio 4-SP 5-SP
1st 3.272 3.272
2nd 1.666 1.666
3rd 1.041 1.041
4th 0.777 0.777
5th 0.655
Reverse 2.916 2.916
Final Reduction 4-SP Single helical gear 4.066
5-SP Single helical gear 3.722
Steering Gear Type Rack & Pinion
Steering Wheel 385mm or 15″

Front and rear Independent MacPherson strut hydraulic shock
absorber, coil spring


Front: Self adjusting power disc brake

Rear: Power assisted drum brake

Tires 4-SP 155SR12
5-SP P165/70R13

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