Bob78CVCC Project

Here is a project or should I say a restoration that has been shared and gotten a lot of attention since January 2009. 507 replies. 30992 Views, that is a lot of looking. I am sure Google has had a lot of look, but have you. If not; now the time to put your feet up and discover what it’s all about.

From the first post:Carlisle1aPic

This car looks deceptively good from the outside. It has nice paint on the outside. BUT as you peel back the layers there’s a lot of work to be done. It should be going to the body shop sometime this winter to take care of the rot and paint the whole interior. I plan to refinish the dash, install an AM/FM Stereo, deluxe gauge’s and repaint the seat brackets. I’d love to have the car finished in time for the Carlisle Import Show, May 15-17 2009.

I see now Bob has found an 8-track player, Whats an 8-track. Beatles, ELO, and The Supreme s from the 60-80’s recorded music on this portable media.

Check out the whole topic here: Bob78CVCCProject

Well done Bob.




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