First Generation Honda Civic 1973-1979
The Honda Civic 1200 two door (1974) The Honda 1200 Civic gives you the utmost satisfaction in day to day driving-business or pleasure. Its compact size makes driving on crowded city streets and parking in small spaces a simple pleasure rather than a nerve-racking chore. The interior is much more spacious and comfortable than you would expect in an automobile with such compact outer dimensions. A water cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke engine assures quiet motoring ease and makes long trips at high speeds a non-tiring pleasure. The utmost in good road holding and stability is assured by a combination of ideal weight distribution and low body profile. Independent 4-wheel suspension and front mounted transverse engine with front wheel drive. The latest advances In anti-pollution design, safety features and low cost operation coupled with modern design results in a car which will fit a variety of today's motoring needs. The Honda Civic puts the pleasure back in motoring.