Honda Civic Special X

Special X model was produced for the Canadian market based on the “1200” model

Special XThe Honda Civic Special-X was released in 1978 as 1979 model in Canada. It only came in black with a yellow to orange to red stripe down the side and included the following options:

-Red hound’s-tooth interior- door panels and seats
-Wooden 2 spoke steering wheel
-Wooden Shift Knob
-Chrome sifter
-Red deluxe gauge set
-Special-X decals on sides and rear
-Red center caps
-Amber/Red tail lights
-Mud flaps that have HONDA in red
-5spd transmission
-Paint Code B-14M

Below a new drivers side mirror for the Special X, this a close up picture of the mirror. Note the specs of green. Looking on an angle you can see a red haze to the paint. But from a distance it is black clear coat paint. -Paint Code B-14M


Year/Model Motor CC Bore Stroke HP TQ Compression
78-79-1200 EB3 1237 72mm 76mm 50 @ 5k 67 @ 2k 8.1:1

Additional Information

1979 1200: The EB3 was very different from the previous years. The most notable differences were the domed pistons and the new head (dished combustion chamber and larger valves).

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